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"The Faria Case" is a Breakthrough in Paranormal Research.

The Faria Case documents paranormal activity that was captured over the career of Brazilian armwrestler Tatiane Faria. This paranormal activity seemed to follow her to different settings and venues around the world. Similar paranormal activity was filmed in Brazil, Europe, and the US over many years.

In my opinion the Faria case is a paranormal breakthrough. The different videos strongly corroborate each other. Of course different people will have different interpretations, but the quality of the evidence is good. My goal is to disclose the evidence.

I believe the cause of the paranormal activity is possession. One of the most significant clues is a dark fluid that can be seen coming out of her eyes, and then quickly disappearing. This fluid is known as ectoplasm.

Is Tatiane Faria an illusionist?

Some will say she's an illusionist. However, the kinds of activity we see in her videos can't be explained as tricks. In some instances we see changes in the structure of her eyes; her irises change shape and color. Further we can see the moment when the changes occur, and the moment they revert to normal.

Illusionists rely on fast movements. They use techniques such as misdirection and sleight-of-hand. We don't see these kinds of clues in the footage of her. Further we can see changes to her body language and complexion that would be nearly impossible for an actor to emulate. Illusionists have a stage and props to work with, but she doesn't. Lastly, she's an athlete, not an illusionst. I don't believe she has any history as an illusionist.

How did I discover Tatiane Faria?

Anyone who watches the videos of her will not see obvious paranormal activity. The activity is only at certain times, and then its difficult to see without slowing down and zooming in. Even then, the activity is difficult to recognize unless you know what to look for.

For these reasons I believe the paranormal activity went undiscovered for many years. I don't believe the people who recorded her and edited the footage knew what they were looking at. I believe the activity slipped through the cracks of our media saturated world.

I didn't see the paranormal activity when I first discovered her in 2020. Instead I felt something strange about her. Something about her didn't make sense to me. She looked familiar, yet I never saw her before. She was one person, yet she looked like different people. Eventually I understood that I was reacting to something supernatural.

It was some time later that I realized there might be paranormal activity in her videos. I felt it was worth the effort to look for it. It was during the course of this investigation that I found the paranormal evidence. I went about collecting the evidence and producing the documentary.

There are many things I don't know about the situation. How did this happen? Did she know about the paranormal activity? Did she think she was possessed? Did other people know? At this time I am asking that people are respectful of everyone involved.

Do I have any connection to Tatiane Faria or the WAL?

I have no connection to any of the people, places, or groups that appear in the documentary. I'm not part of the armwrestling scene. I have never been to Brazil or a WAL event. I have never met Tatiane Faria, and I didn't know who she was until 2020. Her last match that I'm aware of took place in 2019.

As far I know Tatiane Faria is alive, and well. I have reached out to her about this subject, and she doesn't want to talk about it. This is not surprising. Maybe she will make a statement at some point. She has had no influence on my decision to produce the documentary and show the evidence. I did the documentary because I think the evidence is strong.

Why am I going public with this?

I believe that the paranormal activity is genuine, and there is a public interest in seeing it. If such things as ectoplasm exist then people should know about it. If a possession was recorded by accident then people should see it. My intention is that people are made more aware of the existence of the supernatural.

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